Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Dork" Has Become A Term of Endearment

So, the other night, I’m over at my friend’s house. We’re all geeks and this usually comes down to a bunch of us doing our own thing on our own computers. But my friend decides to be social looks down over my screen, studies it for a bit, and says, "Kaaaat, are you reading fanfiction?"

And then the whole room looks up at me with that knowing.

And I look around, then up at her sheepishly, and I says, “Nnnnnoooo..."

And she says, "Are you WRITING fanfiction?"

And I says, "Not at the moment..."

"That's 'cause you have writer’s block, don’t you?"


And then, because she says it so much, I can hear it coming: Dork.

But she knows me used to write fanfiction too, so instead she says, "We love you anyway."

And that's what "dork" means to me.